Book 3, Episode #10: Long Live the Queen

  • Mico Rellora Melchor

    Thank you!

  • Eduard Rupp

    Definitely the best season of legend of korra :)

    • Ariana Moreno

      i agree. even Amon didn’t kill his victims :D

  • Volkan Özdemir

    Amazıng season love the Red Lotus and really unpredıctable. Im really wonderıng how ıts gonna end.

  • Camilo Lizarazo

    I miss Amón.

  • Rache

    holy crap! that was some dark stuff when the earth queen had the air sucked out of her!

    • Ariana Moreno

      yeah. shit just got real in the avatar world yo. like i said before, even Amon didn’t kill his victims as powerful of a bender he was

      • Rache

        Yeah i mean the suicide in book 1 was bad but this was just pure murder! I’m totally okay with them added dark stuff but i definitely wasnt prepared!

        • Jacklyn Granite

          I understand were your coming from but at the same time, the “Earth Queen” and her self-proclaimed impetuousness probably killed many more people than Sahir.

          • Rache

            No i wasnt saying i was mad that she was murdered. Like i said, i just wasnt prepared

        • :)

          The suicide-murder was pure murder as well. And with both we did not see the actual death / body, which in Avatar could mean anything between dead and alive.

      • Bradyn Baez

        lol the queen a victim? Zaheer is a liberator who overthrow a tyrannical queen. She is no vicitm

        • Ariana Moreno

          true. but she did become his victim once he suffocated her. what do you call people who are murdered? a murder victim XD. what else do you call it? so just because someone is an ass it automatically makes them a non murder victim? she may not have been a victim, but she became one.

    • Chrounos

      Yeah! Last episode I was thinking of some air bending spin offs and while its not really a spin off suffacation was something came up in my mind so I was really shocked that they actually did that! Its really dark for a avatar death.

  • Pedro Victor

    This is actually the best Book Avatar’s had yet. It’s quickly becoming my favorite one, even better than Earth. Amazing job, everyone!

    • Jacklyn Granite

      I feel I agree with you it’s truly coming full circle. I just wanna know what Sahir, and his gang want with Korra, unless someone can clarify that for me. I believe it’s something along the lines of what the Guru taught him, about the natural state of the world is chaos…

      • Pedro Victor

        Zaheer is apparently just a Hollywood Anarchist who wants to bring down all governments with the Avatar’s help, or at least making sure the Avatar doesn’t get in his way.

  • bob saget

    korraspirit, I have to say that you are the best

  • GregD474

    Korraspirit rules! The other websites said they wouldn’t have it out until friday and they never have such good quality!

  • Danielle Fischetti

    OMG OMG OMG!!!!! That was dark, and soooo awesome!!!!!

  • Ariana Moreno

    this show already kicked ass, but now it does even more!! dark, violent, and scary!! this is the one thing that makes this series special from atla!! i was hoping this series would get darker and more extreme!! now i can see why nick didn’t want it with all the other lighthearted shows like spongebob XD

  • ZuzuRose

    wow!! this episode was amazing!!! so dark, I like it!!!! Thank you KorraSpirit!!

  • Ariana Moreno

    korraspirit, you do it better than nick does!! no annoying adds every 5 seconds!! X) thanks for dat

    • Jacklyn Granite

      OMG YES! It’s so much better, no darn adds.

    • Nicholas Babisch

      those adds generate revenue for the company and show creators, you know…..the ones who worked there asses of to bring you this amazing show. i may be watching it leaked but i will also watch it tomorrow on because i support this show. there are literally 2-3 sets of adds that last 15-30 seconds. thats less then on TV.

      and Kissanime does it way better, this is taking way to long to buffer ;)

      • Fred Stanton

        For real…I let this buffer to 100% before starting, and it took an hour. The small price to pay to see it a day early!

  • Jacklyn Granite

    That cliff-hanger :c I wanna c more!

  • Takoda Cooper

    O.O This episode had an *extremely* dark scene. Things are getting really real in the Avatar world! I wonder how Team Korra is gonna take down these guys, or even *if* they will! Can’t wait for the next episode!

  • DiamondAvatar

    The video is loading so slowly!…. UGH

    • Nadiks

      Lol, i have shitty internet and I’m from Poland and i haven’t any problems. :D

      • DiamondAvatar

        The video is probably streamed from somewhere in Europe…

  • carter reynolds

    This episode could be a reason that the show was taken off air. Pure murder is a little much for Nickelodeon.

    • Ariana Moreno

      psh, murder is too much for nickelodeon, and so seems the job of marketing and advertising. that’s why no one has any idea this show is out right now except the hard-korra fans XD

  • DiamondAvatar

    This is the worst streaming quality I have ever seen.

  • Ariana Moreno

    Bosco’s spirit is like, “I have been avenged, thanks Zaheer.” <3 haha XD

    • Matt Brown

      Lol! I just saw you say this on Keval’s blog too. Lmao

      • Ariana Moreno

        i can’t stress it enough XD

  • Alex

    Do you guys know when the other episodes will be released?

    • Momo the Chakra Sandwich

      I think KorraSpirit posts a new episode every Friday or something like that.

  • Fred Stanton

    WOW. Just….wow. I mean, the title gave it away, but STILL….WOW. Last week, I was thinking “wow, talk of anarchy and offing world leaders…no wonder Nick doesn’t want this on the air.” THEN THIS HAPPENS, HOT DAMN.

  • Latti

    So…Earth queen is dead?

    • :)

      Death is implied.

  • Gregory Murtaugh

    When I saw the title of this episode, it made me think of the Lion King, with Scar’s last words to Mufasa…
    Now I know why.

  • Zack Martin

    All I see is a white screen when I click start video. HELP???

  • Tobias Root

    how do i watch it without it freezing every 5 seconds and rebuffering

  • Lavarius Gardiner

    This episode was amazing! I enjoyed every minute! And more Zuko! I was wondering when we were gonna see him again!

  • Guest


  • Yuminaga Gomoro

    Contributing clicking. From Kitan. Go! Korra! Beat the sponge pants ball-shit!

  • Roland94

    i knew it, i knew it, i knew it..I knew zaheer would invent a brutal airbending technique to destroy.

  • Momo the Chakra Sandwich

    That episode definitely creeped me out.

  • Naruto

    i miss aang

  • Dan G.

    So there’s blood bending (water), metal bending (earth), lava bending (fire), and now oxygen bending(air)! Cool! I like how the bending stuff are expanding! I wonder what’s next storm bending since water’s next again (water -> earth -> fire -> air)?

    • :)

      Breathbending is just regular airbending. It’s not a subset skill like bloodbending (water), healing (water), spiritual healing (water), metalbending (earth), lavabending (earth), seismic sense (earth), sandbending (earth), lightning (fire) or lightning redirection (fire).

      • Dan G.

        I see, thanks!

        • :)

          Np! I see I didn’t mention truth seeing (earth). It’s a step further than seismic sense, only the most powerful benders such as Aiwei mastered it.

          • Momo the Chakra Sandwich

            But there is an airbending subskill called “astral projection”, first used (and possibly invented) by Jinora.

          • :)

            You’re right. It’s used on-screen by Jinora, Korra, Aiwei and Zaheer, but it’s indeed an airbending sub. Guess I left that one out as well :p

  • Skyla Bustamante

    oh no he is going to go after fire lord zuko now

  • Skyla Bustamante

    look at all of them they are so cute

  • PKBitchGirl

    Ding Dong the bitch is dead